Mytho Poesis Workshop


Sept. 16, Sept. 30 and October 14th, 6-9pm.

Mytho-Poesis is the process of conjuring a myth through its telling and creative embodying, like was traditionally done within group settings or ceremonies. Join photographer Marieanne Larochelle and art therapist/psychotherapist Esther Kalaba for a unique 3 part alchemical and deeply transformational process of myth, magic, and making. Learn from and with a significant myth of your choosing through photography, storytelling, art, and movement. No previous art experience is required, just a willingness to dive deep and learn.

Session 1: THE CALLING- Once upon a time…
Tell the myth that is calling out to you in your life at this moment. Cultivate an intimate relationship with it through art, language, costume, play and images. Open up to the deeper layers of wisdom that it holds. Each of us has a story.


Session 2: BECOMING MYTH- Photoshoot session.
Gather your materials, your questions, your poetic wanderings and come to the studio to embody the myth. Assisted by the group and the facilitators, create an image which honours your myth. Being witnessed and photographed is a deeply powerful process.


Session 3: RETURN
Participate in a closing ceremony to honour your myth, your process and the group. Reflect upon your journey with the group. Receive a 8×10 image from the photoshoot session.


This workshop takes place over three 3 hour LIVE (in person) sessions. *Due to the nature of this type of workshop you would need to attend each workshop held in Montreal.

Dates: Sept. 16, Sept. 30 and October 14th, 6-9pm.
Cost: $425 (before Sept. 1), or $495 after.

Register early because workshop is limited to 8 participants.


To register please contact: Marianne Larochelle